Help for Care Teams

You entered the health care field to do good things, and we’re profoundly grateful for the care you provide. We can help you successfully navigate two trends that are challenging your world.

First, patients are increasingly picking up more of the tab for their care, and paying more attention to cost and choices. Will today's informed patients choose you?

Second, regulators and good practice say that Patient-Centered Care & Patient Engagement are here to stay. How can you help your organization work that into a full plate—especially when you hear things like “Patients just won’t understand this…” or “We tried bringing patients into the room and it didn’t go so well…”

Here’s how we help:

The stories and trends that emerge in this website keep you “tuned in” to the wants and needs of patients , so they’ll choose you for care. (In fact, send your happy patients here to tell their stories and spread the word.)

National policy and research leaders have turned to PVI for patient-driven insights. Our “A-Team” of accomplished “Patient Voices” advises from the ground-up on the design and flow of your plan, proposal, policy or product.