Be A Volunteer

Join the Movement to make the health care system better

You can be a part of PVI by volunteering to help with any number of things, including:

  • Share your opinion on hot topics being discussed and considered by PVI
  • Join PVI at events to ensure there are patients in the audience
  • Represent PVI as a speaker or panelist at events and conferences
  • Take a seat at the table as part of a committee or task force — in your local area at a hospital or medical group, policy organization, or at the state level or even national projects and programs

Tell us what you want to do! Some activities need no special preparation, but for other activities, PVI volunteers will need to learn about the Patients' View Principles that reflect patients’ needs and interests gathered from thousands of patients through stories and surveys. As a part of PVI’s volunteer network, you can help ensure that collective knowledge from patients is used to improve health care.

If you want to be a speaker, or represent PVI on panels or committees, we’ll need to learn about you too, including a bit about your background, interests and skills.

While most of the volunteer opportunities are not paid, sometimes organizations that are looking for someone to represent PVI on a committee or workgroup or at an event are willing to pay a small amount to cover basic expenses such as parking, or offer a speaking fee or honorarium in appreciation of your time and involvement.

Interested? To get started, fill out the volunteer form below.

Please read about PVI's closure.