Winner of 2016 PV Impact Award – Racking up More Awards!

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wendy impact award
Wendy Wooden (with mom, Darcy Daniels to her left), wins 2016 PV Impact Award
Wendy in ER
“Welcome to the ER”

Some of you may remember Wendy and her mother Darcy as the winners of last year’s PV Impact Award. If you’ve been wondering what they’ve been up to for the past 12months, Darcy has happily shared the latest news on her daughter. It’s wonderful to follow up with past winners, and after reading Wendy’s story, we think you’ll agree Wendy is an inspiration…on more than one level.

Here, in her own words, a (justifiably!) proud momma brings us up to date.

“Wendy’s Welcome: at One Year

Wendy sign
Wendy in Malaga, Spain

It’s been one year since Wendy’s Welcome to the ED has been released.  The video, which was written by WendyWendy medalsand me and animated by Payette Architecture Firm, is an introduction to the Emergency Department for pediatric patients.  Wendy is the animated star and the narrator for the nine minute film.  Below are some of the reviews we have received in the last year from the Child Life Specialist who works in the Emergency Department…but also, as we mentioned, Wendy would be using her prize money to travel to Malaga, Spain, to compete in theWorld Transplant Games this summer in swimming and track events.  She won a few medals, including the gold medal for the 100 meter dash, where she also managed to break the world record for transplant patients in that race.  We are very proud of her and her accomplishments.

11-year-old – “It let me know about things that were going to happen and that I would have to talk to a lot of people.  My favorite part was learning about the special light in the room.”

Numerous children– Upon entering the exam room “Where is the rainbow light?”10 year old Chronic patient- “It is cool that a kid, like me, made this!”  I could see his little wheels start turning, wondering what he could create to help other kids too.

10-year-old –  “I know what you do (talking to child life) because I watched the video.”

15 year old-  “The most helpful part was telling me about all the people I will meet and that I might have to wait a long time”.

4 year old- “ I know I need to change into these (pointing to hospital pajamas). I saw it on TV.”

Paige Fox, R.N., CPEN  – “It’s really great to be able to offer our patients a video that teaches them about the emergency department from the voice of a child.  Wendy explaining her own unique experience seems to help kids understand what to expect and make their stay with us go more smoothly.”

Ari Cohen, MD, FAAP  Chief, Pediatric Emergency Medicine- “It is a perfect example of what can be achieved when good people come together and listen to the ideas of a child.”

Dr. Cohen recently mentioned to me that “Everybody that has seen the video is impressed (meaning ED leadership)and it is being used as an example of what is needed to help the adult patients manage their expectation for their ED visit.”

Wendy’s Welcome has been viewed over two thousand times this year on the Massachusetts General Hospital Website.  She has been interviewed by local news stations and magazines about the video and other hospitals have contacted us for ideas on how they can create their own welcome videos for their pediatric patients.

It’s changing medicine, and it’s changing how providers can manage expectations for their patients.  It’s also opening doors for more patient and family participation on the systemic level of health care.  Cooperation between patients and their families with their doctors leads to favorable outcomes across the board.

Thanks again to the Patient’s View Institute for recognizing Wendy and her Welcome Video.  We wish the best of luck to the contestants this year!


Darcy Daniels, mom of Wendy Wooden

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