Roberta Carson’s Story: Losing Her Son Drives Developing a Medical Management Tool for Others

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roberta-carson-headshotHave you felt overwhelmed by a diagnosis you or a loved one has received? Do you feel confused by the medical jargon and instructions coming at you from your medical professionals? Receiving a diagnosis is emotionally shocking enough, but thankfully Roberta Carson, in the wake of losing her 19 year-old son to inoperable brain cancer,  developed the ZaggoCare tool to help other families manage medical information and treatment plans.

In 2005, Roberta’s 17 year-old son Zach was diagnosed with a DIPG, an inoperable, malignant brain tumor, with a survival rate of less than 2%.  With a prognosis of 4-6 weeks to live, Roberta and her family sprung into action asking the right questions, logging treatment plans, prescriptions schedules, and care guidelines in her notebook to be sure she was giving Zach the best care possible. Then, Roberta began encountering situations where she realized vital patient safety information was not relayed upfront (like wear gloves and masks when handling Zach’s chemo pills), or Roberta didn’t know what questions she should ask…the emotional grief coupled with the onslaught of information was simply overwhelming. Still Roberta remained optimistic for her son, putting one foot in front of the other to navigate the unknown and confusing world of healthcare.  Through the excellent care Zach received from Roberta and his medical team, Zach survived beyond the 4-6 week prognosis and lived for 27 months, dying at the age of 19.

Devastated by losing Zach, Roberta channeled her grief into positive action and a commitment to help other patients and families better manage medical conditions. Roberta founded the non-profit ZaggoCare to help patients and family caregivers be more engaged, empowered, effective members of their medical team.

Roberta states:

Being a patient, or family caregiver, is overwhelming hard work for which no one is prepared. I created the ZaggoCare System®, with a 120 page guide, along with organizational tools, to help patients and families receive the best care possible.  The guide’s topics include how to manage medications, improve communication, and become your own best advocate. By teaching patients and families what to do at each stage of the process, and by encouraging all to speak up when something doesn’t seem right, the ZaggoCare System can help patients reduce their risk of misdiagnosis, medication errors and other preventable medical errors. 

Whether dealing with acute or chronic illness, or serious injury, the ZaggoCare System can help.  There is no other product providing the in-depth practical advice of ZaggoCare, along with organizational tools to implement the advice. 100% of profits from sales of ZaggoCare Systems are donated to the Zachary Carson Brain Tumor Fund for DIPG research.

Learn more about how ZaggoCare System works by watching the ZaggoCare video.

Roberta’s story of using her experience in caregiving demonstrates the PVI Principles of Empowerment, Information, and Accountability.


Watch Roberta’s story below:

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