PVI 2016 Impact Awards Bring Patients Front and Center at The Leapfrog Annual Meeting

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2016-awardsWe are grateful to again have had the opportunity to partner with The Leapfrog Group to participate in their annual meeting and present the PVI Impact Awards in Washington, D.C where patient safety, empowerment, and choice was the focus of the day. The Patients’ View Impact Award is the only national award to highlight the power that patients can have in changing healthcare for the better and were sponsored by the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME). It was a passionate and informative day where we heard from fellow patient advocates, medical experts, healthcare journalists…and most importantly, the patients themselves.
The day culminated in patients being recognized for the impact their advocacy had on improving the delivery of healthcare. Wendy Wooden of Sharon, MA received the PVI Impact Award for working with her mother, Darcy Daniels, and Boston architectural firm, Payette to create  “You Are Here: Wendy’s Welcome to the ED”, a video welcoming children to the pediatric emergency department (ED) of Mass General Hospital for Children (MGHfC). Stuart Baur, AIA Associate Principal, received the first ever PVI Patients Champion Award on behalf of Payette  who donated over 1,000 hours to work with Wendy to create the animated video. Becky White of Baytown, TX and Dr. Angelo Giardino of Texas Children’s Hospital received the PVI Partners in Healing Award for bridging the gap between hospital executive offices and patient bedsides in order to drive improvement on communication between patients and care teams. To date, Becky has brought over 40  executives to shadow her at the patient’s bedside, beginning with the CEO. Liz Minda of Coventry, RI attended to receive an Honorable Mention for the PVI Impact Award for her continued efforts to raise acceptance and awareness of cannabis as an effective treatment among legislators, the medical establishment and the public. Her daughter Jadyn, who has suffered over 11 thousand seizures to date,  was made sicker by conventional drugs, but treatment with cannabis has reduced the seizures and been life-saving. Liz said in her acceptance speech, “We have complete daytime seizure freedom while continuing adjustments for stubborn sleeping seizures. The side effects include: increased appetite, improved cognition, improved motor skills and the returning joy on Jadyn’s face.”


Though unable to attend, Roberta Carson of Newton, MA was recognized with an Honorable Mention for the PVI Impact Award for creating a book and kit to help orient other families when they receive a devastating diagnosis. In the wake of losing her son, Zach, to a rare type of brain tumor, Roberta developed this patient tool, found at ZaggoCare.org, with all profits benefiting a foundation seeking a cure for the cancer that took her son, Zach’s life. Catherine Duff of Carmel, IN also received an Honorable Mention for the PVI Impact Award for successfully fighting for changes in national policy that would help families facing life threatening C. diff infections. Catherine is  a survivor of a near-fatal C. diff infection, and obtained a life-saving fecal transplant procedure at home with the help of family when no doctor would perform it. Finally, Charisse “Nikki” Montgomery of Euclid, OH  along with Promedica Toledo Children’s Hospital and University Hospital Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland received an Honorable Mention for the PVI Partners in Healing Award for partnering with her hospitals’ care team in treatment planning and decision making for her special needs son, Richie, to maximize his health, wellness and spirit, while applying her experiences to develop resources to help other parents. Please visit our Blog to read more about these patient stories and others who shared their experiences with the healthcare system.


The day’s speakers shed light on all things patient focused, including  the need for transparency and patient-centered focus in the healthcare system and its policies. e-Patient Dave reminded us to “Go to ground truth” and become empowered, informed participants in our healthcare insurance plans by taking charge of researching treatment costs and options, and by leaning on the e-patient community to consider the recommendations and solutions found by fellow patients. Our own Pat Mastors moderated the lively and thought provoking Passing the Baton: A Political Roundup panel of healthcare journalists who offered insight and debate on how healthcare policy could be effected by the next presidential administration. Dr. Neel Shah offered a look into his obstetrics research that examined why cesarean rates have skyrocketed across the nation and moved from a lifesaving medical procedure to a general delivery method. The Leapfrog Group, which serves as a national voice for healthcare purchasers and publishes the annual Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade, recognized the nations highest performing hospitals showing excellence in quality of care, patient safety, and commitment to transparency with their prestigious Top Hospital Awards.


Below is what some of our awardees had to say about attending The Leapfrog Annual Meeting and PVI Impact Awards Ceremony:


It is inspiring and invigorating to be in the company of people who commit so much time and energy to unraveling the seemingly intractable problems that permeate the delivery of healthcare in order to find a better way and drive positive change. Thank you for sharing your stories.
Stuart Baur, AIA
Associate Principal, Payette
2016 PVI Patient Champion Award Winner


Yesterday was so inspiring both for me and for Wendy.  We are so grateful to have been a part of it.  Thank you so so much!
Darcy Daniels, mother of 2016 PVI Impact Award Winner Wendy Wooden


Check back soon for video of the PVI Impact Awards presentation and featured speakers. Download our PVI Impact Awards Press Release.


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