Liz Minda’s Story: Effective Treatment for Her Daughter’s Epilepsy Leads to Alternative Treatment

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liz-minda-headshotHave traditional therapies been unsuccessful for you or a loved one? Have you had to fight for unconventional alternatives?

Liz’s story is one of a mother’s fight pursuing the best treatment for her daughter. When Liz gave birth to twins in 2007, both children were healthy. But at 18 months, her daughter, Jadyn, experienced a febrile seizure. The next few years she appeared to be fine until she experienced another seizure at age four.

10 different medications. No luck.

A Ketogenic diet. Fail.

Epidiolex Study. Unsuccessful.

Efforts to treat Jadyn’s intractable epilepsy with conventional drugs was only making Jadyn sicker and the life-threatening side effects associated with these drugs was not a risk worth taking. What helped Jaydn was Cannabis.

Where Jadyn has suffered more than 11 thousand seizures over 7 days, today, medical marijuana helps reduce the amount and severity of 9 year-old Jadyn’s seizures. Liz tells us, We have complete daytime seizure freedom while continuing adjustments for stubborn sleeping seizures. The side effects include: increased appetite, improved cognition, improved motor skills and the returning joy on Jadyn’s face.” 

In an effort to destigmatize cannibis as a viable treatment option for Jadyn and other children suffering seizures, Liz took to social media and created the Facebook page Jadyn’s Epilepsy Page where over 400 people follow, share, and connect to advance the legitimacy of medical marijuana as a treatment option. Liz has even offered testimony before the Rhode Island House Committee on medical marijuana’s effective ness.

“Jadyn’s mother is a national leader promoting acceptance and awareness of this alternative treatment, that she has seen work time and again for Jady’s condition and many other debilitating and painful diseases, despite attitudinal, medical, insurance and legal barriers,” says Diane Stollenwerk, PVI Co-Founder and Board Chair, on awarding Liz and Honorable Mention for the PVI 2016 Impact Award.

By sharing her daughter’s story and being a patient advocate for others, Liz’s story demonstrates the PVI principle of Empowerment.

Read more about Liz’s  journey and tireless efforts to raise awareness and social acceptance for medical marijuana through the website Jadyn’s Cannibis Cure.

See the difference in Jadyn’s quality of life when treated with medical marijuana as compared to conventional treatments where seizures did not subside.


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