Hello Story meet Data

We derive meaning from your stories and amplify your collective voice.

Stories are powerful. They connect hearts and minds. Studies show we’re wired to remember stories much more than data, facts and figures.

The Challenge

But the challenge is to make stories live and get everyone to read or watch them, derive meaning from them, and actually make change happen.

The Process

Our staff read, listen to, or watch your story to understand and note underlying themes.

We group your story with others by topic, date and other factors.

Large numbers of common stories point us toward topics people really care about.

The Result

A searchable organized database of patient stories, for care teams, patients themselves, and families to browse and mine for truth and guidance on decisions.

History shows us that a strong, unified, and thoughtful voice can have real impact. Today's tools of new media offer even greater opportunity for that voice to be heard.

With your permission (you give or decline it), we'll also post some stories on our website, pass them on in conversations, at conferences, and through social media.

Thank you for joining the PVI community and for trusting us with your story.