Getting the Services Your Teen Needs–What’s Your Perspective?

  • Is your teen struggling with mental illness or substance use?
  • What have you experienced in seeking support and treatment?
  • Have you learned something along the way that could help others?

Your unique behavioral healthcare experience, no matter how big or how small, both positive and negative; has a collective impact on how our behavioral health system works and how our children’s care is delivered.

How Does My Story Make A Difference?

By submitting your story detailing any or all points in your journey through the behavioral healthcare system, you allow PVI to examine your experience along with the experiences of others to identify recurring themes deemed most important to you. These themes are provided to behavioral health institutions and organizations to drive patient-focused planning addressing the greatest needs of our children, our families, and our communities.

If you choose to allow PVI to share your story through social media, your voice joins with those of families facing the same challenges, with the same passion to have their child’s health restored - forming a community of support. Your voice offers options, encouragement, and direction for families experiencing a child’s behavioral health crisis for the first time - inviting comfort and empowerment, not isolation or stigmatization.

Learn more about PVI’s role in the Adolescent Behavioral Health Initiative by downloading our project overview.

If your child is currently in crisis, visit the NAMI HelpLine for resources and assistance.

Your stories have the power to heal and inform. PVI lets you tell your story your way, in safety and privacy. It’s what we’ve done for over a thousand patients to date.

Tell Your Story Below

What can I do to encourage others to share their voice?

Befriend PVI on social media networks so that together we can elevate the patient conversation related to mental health and substance use treatment.

Share the weblink on your blogs, websites, and social media pages to encourage others to share their experiences and inform behavioral health change.

Download PVI's "Tell Your Story" flier, and distribute it at support groups, in waiting rooms, etc. to invite sharing.

Are you a provider interested in elevating the patient perspective on behavioral health?

Email us at to learn about the benefits of encouraging patients and their families to tell their stories.