PVI Impact Awards 2017

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2017 Impact Award Highlight Video

Gabe Howard's Video

Jack Whelan's Lifetime Achievement Award

Amplifying patients’ stories to have a bigger impact on improving health care.

Together we will infuse our health care system with the right medicine: lessons learned from collecting, organizing and spreading our actual medical experiences.

We combine story with the power of data


You say it. Others chime in. Change happens.

Every day, doctors woke me up at 4 am.

Patients are only awakened when it's essential.

Nobody answered the call button for an hour.

The remodeling budget is used to add more nurses.

I had surgery, because nobody told me about less painful options.

Now, decisions start with a patient's lifestyle and expectations.

I called about my insurance, but only reached robotic voices.

Human beings replace the phone menu.

This is how we can make health care easier, more affordable, more understandable, and better!

Meet the people behind PVI: our founders, staff members, advisors and supporters.

Our Team

Learn more about the living and breathing ideals that guide PVI.

The Principles

Find out how we intend to empower your collective voices to improve health care.

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